Guidelines for Applicants of 2017

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Currently, the average life expectancy of Japanese citizens is around 80 years and the last 10 of those years are spent in ill health. During these 10 years, there is a high risk of cerebrovascular disease, dementia, frailty, and reduction of physical activity. It is therefore considered that the quality of life to me worse both for the elderly and the caregivers.

We aim to create a society where we can prevent these illnesses. We would like to ensure that elderly persons are mentally and physically healthy, full of vigor, and can live independent lifestyles. The 2017 Yamada Research Grant competition calls for creative preventive medicine research ideas using bee products with various effects and supplements in order to extend healthy life-span.


We founded the Yamada Bee Company with “health for everyone” in mind. We are continuing to research on “nature, humanity, and health” from the perspective of preventive medicine. In 2008, we started the “Yamada Research Grant” to support creative and meaningful research done by researchers with wide perspective. One goal is to develop preventive medical research by increasing scientific knowledge. 2017 will be our 10th year providing the grant, and we are looking in particular for research focusing on “extending healthy life-span.”


2.Types of Research Grants Programs

1) Preventive Medicine Research Grant

As a result of our aging society, we expect that the need for nursing care will increase in the future. We desire to create a society where the elderly can live in physical and mental health, can have a lot of energy, and also be able to live independently. We are funding research ideas on physical and mental health along with beauty to achieve an “extension of healthy life-span.”

)New Topics Research of Preventive Medicine

We are going to fund new research ideas relevant on bee products (royal jelly, propolis, bee larvae, and bee pollen), supplements, and cosmetic material which have not been previously reported. More specifically, we are looking for research topics as listed below that are thought to be of particular importance to realizing a healthy and happy life.

A) Cognitive Function and Mental Health
We seek research ideas on the prevention of cognitive function decline, and reducing depression and stress accompanied by aging.

B) Physical Function related to Bones, Joints, and Muscles
We seek research ideas on the prevention of decreasing physical activity accompanied by aging, and preservation of the quality and the density of bones, joints, and muscles. We also seek research ideas on the exercise support in the field of sports that reduces fatigue and improves performance.

C) Sleeping
We seek research ideas that lead to the improvement of insomnia in terms of low quality of sleep, nocturnal awakening, and early wakening that is accompanied by aging.

D) Intestinal Environment
We seek research ideas to evaluate the effect of natural materials on the intestinal environment and to research that leads the intestinal environment to good state.

E) Beauty related on Skin, Hair, and the Oral Cavity
We seek research ideas to improve the dry skin such as senile xerosis and scalp desquamation, and also seek oral cavity problems, for example, swallowing problems, dry mouth, periodontal disease, and halitosis.

F) Pharmacokinetics
We seek research ideas evaluating changes in the absorption and metabolism of natural materials depending on the administration time and what kind of foods taken with. We also seek research ideas on formulation technology that improves the absorption and metabolism.

Looking for: Researchers affiliated with universities, research institutions, or medical facilities. No age restriction.
Grant Budget: @ in vitro and in vivo evaluation, ¥1,000,000/grant
A Clinical trials, ¥2,000,000/grant
Grant period: 1 year

)Continued Development Research

We are going to support the research ideas that develop an already selected topic and aims to contribute to society. More specifically, we seek 1) clinical research and 2) research on the mechanism and research on discovering the compounds of the materials that were proven to be useful in previous selected topics.

Looking for: Researchers who have previously received a Yamada Research Grant and reported the results of the research at the conference of the Grant.
Grant Budget: @in vitro and in vivo evaluation, ¥2,000,000/grant
A Clinical trials, ¥5,000,000-10,000,000/grant
(Please apply the estimated budget for research within the limit above)
Research grant period: 1-2 years (Please apply with the necessary time for research within the period.)

2)Personalized Medicine Research Grant

We seek the research ideas leading to personalized prevention depending on physical constitution, lifestyle, and living environment. More specifically, we will support 1) retrospective cohort study with bee products and 2) experimental study of preventive medicine using digital equipment, which is becoming more common with society.

Looking for: Researchers affiliated with universities, research institutions, or medical facilities. No age restriction.
Grant Budget: ¥1,000,000-5,000,000/grant (Please apply the estimated budget for research within the limit above)
Grant period 1-3 years (Please apply with the necessary time for research within the period.)

3)Environment and Beekeeping Research

We are going to support research ideas on environmental preservation and beekeeping affected by nature in order to preserve ecosystem and make a sustainable society. More specifically, we seek 1) research ideas related to usage of natural energy and biological diversity, and 2) research ideas to develop bee science or beekeeping.

Looking for: Researchers affiliated with universities, research institutions, or medical facilities. No age restriction.
Grant Budget: ¥1,000,000/grant
Grant period 1 year


3. Language

Japanese or English


4.Criteria for Application Review

  1. Applications which do not fit to this guideline are not acceptable under any circumstances.
  2. In the food sector, the safety can be confirmed because of the vast amount of food experience. However, in terms of effect, many beliefs are merely tradition, and there is a lack of scientific evidence. In order to truly evaluate effect pertaining to human health, it is important to make the clinical trials. So, a higher priority will be given to the research proposals handling preclinical trials or clinical trials except for highly creative experiments.
  3. We prefer the research proposals in which preliminary results have already been obtained and/or the research techniques already developed.
  4. As we follow in the company beekeeping roots, we will prioritize the research using bee products except for a high creativity.
  5. Applicants who have received the Yamada Research Grant before but did not follow the rules of the guideline, cannot apply.
  6. As this research grant is meant to help develop young researchers, we will preferentially select researchers under 45.


5.How to Apply

Please register and apply on Application and Inquiry System (Bee-RAC) found on the Yamada Bee Lab Website. We will not peer applications received by other methods.


6.Provision of Research Materials

If the grant recipients request bee products (royal jelly, propolis, honey, bee larvae, bee pollen), supplement materials and cosmetic material on our website, the materials are provided for free. Please indicate the desired amount in the application form. We will let you know more specific information regarding materials after notifying acceptance.


7.Application Period

May 15th (Mon) – June 27th, 2017 (Tue), by 5:00 PM Japan time


8.Application Screening and Decision

We will review all applications. The first review will be done by Yamada Research Grant audit candidates in our database selected from each field. Please note there is no first review for “continued development research.” For topics that pass the first review, a decision including the budget of the grant will be made by the Yamada Research Grant audit committee composed of members from academic research institutions and industry. The committee will include outside members.
We will notify applications of the application review results via Bee-RAC in September, 2017.The names of successful applicants will be announced on the website of the “Yamada Bee Grant”. Please note that we will not respond to any inquiries concerning the reasons of the selection.


9. Provision of the research grant and its usage

Grant decisions letters will be awarded during the grant provision ceremony held around October of the selection year. All selected applicants must attend. We ask that those who cannot attend for unavoidable circumstances arrange a proxy.
Grants will be issued by the end of December 2017 to the bank accounts of successful applicants. However, for expenses related to clinical experiments, grants will be issued upon passing an ethics committee meeting of the institution where the clinical trials are performed. We require submission of a copy of the Ethics Committee approval document and submission of a research plan approved by an Ethics Committee. Furthermore, the usage of research grants is limited to items included in the research plan.
In addition, we will pay for expenses related to academic presentations separately from the research costs. Expenses for academic presentation will be dispersed after the presentation. Presentation materials and a grant research academic presentation report will be required to receive payment.


10.Matters regarding the Treatment of Personal Information

(1) Scope of Usage of Personal Information

Personal information obtained from research grants will only be used for purposes related to the application, screening process, decision notice, grant provision, etc. In addition, there are certain cases where personal information may be shared with partner companies in order to fulfill these purposes. For any questions regarding our usage of personal information, please inquiry via the contact form below.

(2) Extent of Disclosure of Personal Information

We will publish information on the grant themes for selected applicants (including organizations).

(3) Personal Information Disclosure, Amendments, and Suspension of Usage

We will quickly respond to requests to disclose, amend or suspend usage of personal information after verifying the identity of the applicant.


11.Research Report

(1) Written Report

A final written research report (including the research report, payments balance report, and research results meeting summary) regarding the research status and results is to be submitted to the Yamada Research Grant by September 30th of the years that the research grant is completed. The submission deadline is October 20th of the year the grant is completed.

(2) Conference of Yamada Research Grant

We will have accepted applications give on oral or poster presentation at conference of Yamada Research Grant after completion of the research. If an accepted application cannot participate due unavoidable circumstances, we request that another person attend as a proxy.


12.Attribution of results

Although industrial property which was obtained as a result of the research grant belong to the inventor researchers, researchers must grant the license for the free non-exclusive license to Yamada Bee Company.


13.Other Items

(1) Contract Submission

We will have accepted applications sign a contract. Please refer to the issued guidelines for further information.

(2) Suspension of Grant and Grant Repayment

We will suspend the grants and claim that repayment be made (either partial or in full) if accepted applications do not submit a written report by the deadline, if the research content is significantly different from when applying, if they report research results before receiving the research grant, if the items listed in the contract are not abided by, or if any activities unrelated to the grant were performed.

(3) Presentation of Research Results

We ask that successful applications inform the Yamada Research Grant when making presentations of grant research results at conferences, in research papers, in other publications, or in the mass media. Please let us know about the content, the date, and the method of presentation before making the presentation. For conferences, please let us know 30 days before the submission of an application for conference; for research papers, please let us know before the application. In case you do not inform us in time, please still contact us as soon as possible.
Please make sure that when you give a presentation you indicate that the research is supported by the “Yamada Research Grant.” Please use the following text in research papers, other publications, and presentations.

English: “This research was supported (in part) by the Yamada Research Grant.

In addition, for manuscripts, please note the test sample specifications under the materials and methods section.