Hoe to apply

Please review the following to ensure accurate completion of your application.

1.Strict adherence to the application period

Only entries received during the following official application period will be eligible for consideration: May 28th, 2018 (Mon) - June 22nd, 2018 (Fri), 5:00 PM in Japan Standard Time.


2.Confirmation of consent

Applicants are presumed to consent to the Request for Proposals.

Applicants should also carefully review the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) prior to filling out and submitting their application.


3.The handling of private information by Yamada Research Grant

personnel, and the purpose for collecting such information

Our company (and group companies) request private information for a specified purpose, and maintain strict limitations to its usage. For the Yamada Research Grant, such information is collected solely for the purpose of processing applications, judging entries, notifying applicants of grant decisions, conferring awards, and executing necessary related activities. Limited private information may be provided to cooperating companies as warranted by need. Inquiries regarding the handling of private information may be directed as noted below..

Disclosure of private information

Recipients of a Yamada Research Grant, their affiliated institution, their research topic, and related information will be disclosed publicly.

Disclosure, correction, and withdrawal of private information

Requests for disclosure, correction, or withdrawal of private information will be handled appropriately and swiftly upon confirmation that the request originates with the individual concerned.

The application period for 2018 has ended. Thank you for your interest in Yamada Research Grant.