Yamada Research Grant (Fiscal Year 2011)

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Research Theme Name Institutional Affiliation
Analysis of three-dimensional structure of honeybee brain with high resolution X-ray micro-tomography Takanori Ikenaga  University of Hyogo
Evaluation of the effect of honey bee products for dry eye treatment Toshihiro Imada Keio University
The study of internal-radioprotective effects of honeybee components Shuichi Enomoto Okayama University
Effect of the circadian clock disruption on atopic dermatitis in mice supplemented with bee products Katsutaka Oishi National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
The effect of the honeybee product in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis Tomohiro Ogawa Kinki University
The mechanism of anti-dementia effect of propolis Hiroaki Kanouchi Kagoshima University
Effects of propolis on gut hormone release Shinichiro Karaki University of Shizuoka
Effects of Propolis on immune-competent cells in adipose tissues Hiroshi Kitamura Nagoya City University  
Study on protective effects of propolis on radiation induced DNA damages  Tetsuo Kunieda Okayama University
Molecular mechanisms for the anti-metabolic syndrome effects of Brazilian propolis on diet-induced and genetic metabolic syndrome in Rats   Kazuhiro Kunimasa Mukogawa Women's University
Fundamental study for effects of honey on hair follicle development Ken Kobayashi Hokkaido University
Prevention of metabolic syndrome by honeybee products that enhance fatty acid β-oxidation Takeshi Saito National Agriculture and Food Research Organization 
Development of a new prevention for diabetes and obesity targeting immunomodulatory effect of bee components Toru Sakai The University of Tokushima 
A visualization of mechanism with abating or tapering on patients with depression by fMRI Daiki Jinbo Showa University
Molecular Mechanism of Prevention and Rescue Effect of propolis in AMD model Yuichiro Takada The Jikei University
The Preventive Effects of Honey in Hypoxic Stress 
Induced Cognitive Impairment
Hiro Take Kyushu University
Effects of royal jelly on social and cognitive functions
in adolescent humans.
Hirokazu Doi Nagasaki University
Effect of honey products on improvement of mental disorders in behavioral physiological research Fumiyuki Hatanaka Hiroshima University
Mechanisms of propolis-induced improvement of insulin resistance in diabetes mellitus type II patients and clinical application Yoshinori Marunaka Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine
Effect of Royal jelly on orofacial pain with small brain-wave sensor Yukihiro Momota Tokushima University Hospital
Verification of the insulin resistance improvement with Brazilian propolis Atsushige Yamaguchi Wadayama Medical Office
Effect of Royal jelly for genomic stability Kenichi Yoshioka National Cancer Center Research Institute
Analysis of synergisitic effect of honey bee products and enhancement of anti-viral activity Ken Watanabe Nagasaki University
The Anti-Aging Effects of Royal jelly Consumption in Caenorhabditis elegans. Yuqing Dong Clemson University, USA