Yamada Research Grant (Fiscal Year 2013)

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Application for 6th Yamada Research Grant
Guidelines of Application for 2013

The Yamada Bee Company Inc. and the Institute for Bee Products & Health Science are seeking grant applications for creative researches on preventive medicine from research investigators.

1. Background and Purpose

In order to protect individual health, the Institute for Bee Products & Health Science has been conducting researches on bee products and natural products from the stand point of preventive medicine. The “Yamada Research Grant” was established in 2008 to promote researches on natural products and/or preventive medicine. We welcome applications from a wide range of specialties.


2. Theme of the Application

Research topics must be related to natural materials including honeybee products such as royal jelly, propolis, honey, bee larvae, bee pollen, etc. Any original and new research subjects are welcome as long as they are related to health and preventing medicine.
There are two types of grant, “New research grant” and “Continuing research grant”, as described below.

1) New research grant

For researchers or beekeepers who have never received the research grant from the Yamada Research Grant. Following list shows subjects of application, and please select a theme from the list.

  1. Preventive medical researches on natural materials such as honeybee products and/or the ingredient of supplements. The following fields will be given a priority.
    1. Brain science, neuroscience, mental science (dementia, depression, etc.)
    2. Cardiology, gastroenterology, metabolomics (metabolic syndrome, intestinal disease, etc.)
    3. Immunology (cancer, allergy, infectious disease, gut immunity, etc.)
    4. Otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, stomatology
    5. Anti-aging (skin, derma, bones, muscles, etc.) or longevity
  2. Research on environmental protection (including honey bee science, reconstruction support, etc.)


2) Continuing research grant

For researchers or co-researchers who have previously received a research grant from the Yamada Research Grant.


3. Grant Amount

Research will be supported through the grant if the application is approved by the Review Committee. The Program Board has a right to increase or decrease the requested amount of the approved grants.

  1. New research grant
    Up to 2,000,000 Japanese Yen per theme.
  2. Continuing research grant
    Up to 10,000,000 Japanese Yen per theme.


4. Research Period

  1. New research grant
    One year (October 1st, 2013 – September 30th, 2014).
  2. Continuing research grant
    One year – three years (October 1st , 2013 –).
    The annual progress report must be submitted and the continuation will be judged.


5. Age Limit

No age restriction.


6. Language

English or Japanese.


7. Review Criteria

  1. A higher priority is given to the research proposal in which preliminary results have already been obtained and/or the research techniques have been already developed.
  2. A higher priority will be given to the research proposal handling preclinical trials or clinical trials.
  3. Applications which do not fit to this guideline are not accepted under any circumstances.
  4. Applicants, who have been the recipients of the Yamada Research Grant before but did not follow the rule of the guideline, cannot apply.


8. Application Method

Applicants must complete the application form in accordance with the detailed instructions. Otherwise, your application is rejected. The instruction and the application form can be down loaded from the website of the Institute for Bee Products & Health Science.
You will need a personal file which you can also download from the web page of the Institute, http://grant.bee-lab.jp/grant/entry_eng.html
The application and attached documents will not be returned to the applicant.



9. Provision of Research Materials

If the grant recipients request royal jelly, propolis, honey, bee larvae, bee pollen and/or the ingredient of health foods as test samples, these items are provided for free. Please indicate the desired amount in the application form. Details of supplies will be decided by mutual consultation after notifying the acceptance. The available samples are listed in the website:


10. Due Dates for Application

From May 1st, 2013 to May 31st, 2013 (until 17:00 Japan Time)


11. Determination of Investigators to be funded

Applications will be examined by a Review Committee, which is comprised of expert members from industry and academia. “New research grant” applications will be screened by the Review Committee. Funding will require approval of the Program Board of the Yamada Bee Company, Inc. It is anticipated that the applications will be reviewed and approved for funding by the end of August, 2013.The applicants will receive a notice by e-mail by the end of August, 2013.
The names of successful applicants will be announced on the website of the “Yamada Research Grant”. Please note that we will not respond to any inquiries concerning the reasons of the determination.


12. Provision of the research grant and its usage

The research grant will be provided to the funded applicants by the end of November 2013. In order to receive the grant, a clinical trial must be approved by the Ethics Committee of the organization which researcher belongs to or the facility where the trial will be conducted.


13. Matters Regarding the Treatment of Private Information

(1) Scope of usage of the private information

Regarding the grant research, the private information acquired by the Yamada Bee Company, Inc. and the Institute for Bee Products & Health Science will be limited to accepting the application, making the selection, notifying the outcomes, and providing the grant. As for inquiries regarding private information protection, please contact the Program Board.

(2) Extent of disclosure of the private information

The Institute for Bee Products & Health Science shall be entitled to be able to disclose the name of the grant recipient and the institutional affiliation where the grant recipient belongs to, and the information regarding the results obtained by the granted research to the general public.

(3) Disclosure, correction, and canceling the usage of the private information

Should there be any request made by the applicant to disclose / correct / cancel the usage of the private information concerning the granted research, the Institute for Bee Products & Health Science shall address such request in an adequate and prompt manner by first confirming the identity of the requesting person as being the same person with the Applicant.


14. Report of research

(1) Submitting the Final Report

After the completion of the research period, the grant recipient should submit required documents to the Yamada Bee Company, Inc. The documents are as follows:

  1. final report of the achievement done by September 30th, 2014;
  2. proofs of expenditures;
  3. research abstract.

These documents should be prepared by using the format provided by the Institute for Bee Products & Health Science. The submission deadline is October 20th, 2014.


(2) Reporting session

After the completion of the research period, the funded researcher must make a presentation on his/her research results either by making an oral presentation or by poster presentation at the workshop sponsored by the Yamada Bee Company, Inc.


15. Other Notes

(1) Submission of an Agreement

The researcher to be granted must submit an agreement concerning the granted research. For the agreement details, please refer to the website of the Institute for Bee Products & Health Science.

(2) Termination of the Grant and Request for Refunding

It is the responsibility of the grant recipient to fully understand and comply with the requirements. Failure to comply might results in the request for refunding the full amount or a part of the grant. Failures are as follows: submitting no reports by the deadline to be scheduled; finding a significant difference between the research details and what was presented; reporting the results that have already presented before the grant started.

(3) Presentation of the outcome of Research

When the grant recipient will make a presentation of the outcome of the research at an academic conference, he/she shall make sure to describe within the presentation that the research was supported by the “Yamada Research Grant”. When publishing the dissertation or other publications, he/she shall make sure to describe that “This research was supported (in part) by the Yamada Research Grant” in the acknowledgement. In any of these cases, the recipient shall inform the Yamada Bee Company, Inc. to that effect beforehand.