Yamada Research Grant (Fiscal Year 2015)

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The Yamada Bee Farm Corporation is seeking grant applications to subsidize creative research in the field of preventive medicine.



Since the company’s founding, the Yamada Bee Farm Corporation has sought to “protect individual health” through research linking nature, people, and well-being from the perspective of preventive medicine. The Yamada Research Grant, established in 2008, supports creative and practical topics pursued by broad-minded researchers, with the purpose of expanding preventive medicine through scientific elucidation.


2.Grant Categories

1) Preventive Medicine Research Grant

This grant supports research into preventive medicine with the aim of furthering health and longevity. Particular emphasis is placed on research into improving QOL for the elderly over the age of 75 in the areas of cancer and immunity as well as brain health, cognitive functions, and mental health. Research topics should address unreported themes related to honeybee products (such as royal jelly, propolis, honey, bee larvae and/or bee pollen) or supplements. Applications should specify one of the following three areas: (i) through (iii)).

@)Grant-in Aid for Young Scientists

Applicant eligibility: active researchers aged 45 or under who are affiliated with a university, research institute, medical facility or similar organization

Grant amount: 500,000 yen/grant
Grant research period:: 1 year

A)General Research Grant

Applicant eligibility: active researchers affiliated with a university, research institution, medical facility or similar organization, with no age restrictions.

Grant amount: (A) 1 million yen/grant (in vitro or in vivo)
(B) 2 million yen/grant (clinical trial)
Grant research period: 1 year

B)Continuing Research Grant

Applicant eligibility: previous recipients of a Yamada Research Grant. This grant supports the research previously granted by Yamada Research Grant to develop the research findings, or public such research findings.

Grant amount: (A) 2 million yen/grant (in vitro or in vivo)
(B) 5 million yen/grant (clinical trial)
Grant research period: 1 year

2)Environmental protection/apiculture Research Grant

This grant supports research in the advancement of apiculture, with emphasis on the fundamental areas of environmental protection, the science of honeybees, and technological development.

Applicant eligibility: active researchers affiliated with a university, research institution, medical facility or similar organization or those involved in environmental protection or apiculture, with no age restrictions.
Grant amount: 1 million yen/grant
Grant research period: 1~2 years

3)Specified Themes Research Grant

This grant supports research into solutions for urgent and critical current issues. This year, the Yamada Research Grant solicits applications from scientists working to solve for escalating medical costs, with emphasis on supplement usage and/or tailor-made nutrition. This grant is not limited to research into honeybee products.

Applicant eligibility: active researchers affiliated with a university, research institution, medical facility or similar organization.
Grant amount: Applicants should select (A) 3 million yen/year, (B) 5 million yen/year, or (C) 10 million yen/year.
Grant research period: 1~3 years


3. Language of research

Japanese or English


4.Review criteria

  1. Grant applications which do not conform with Yamada Research Grant guidelines will not be considered under any circumstances.
  2. Although the safety of raw materials used in foods can be verified through plentiful experience, scientific proof of their effect on human health is often embedded in folklore and thus unverified. Human trials are required in order to evaluate any such effect. This grant therefore gives precedence to validation studies in preventive medicine and health promotion in the form of clinical studies or human trials. However, this is not a decisive factor for extremely creative research projects.
  3. Precedence will be given to established research with completed preclinical trials incorporating apicultural products.
  4. Applications will not be accepted from previous Yamada Research Grant recipients who failed to comply with grant guidelines.


5.Application procedures

Return completed Yamada Research Grant application form downloaded from the Institute for Bee Products and Health Science website. Grant applicants failing to use the designated form will not be considered.

Individuals may update their applications during the submission period using a data file (dat file). Make sure you download and save the dat file after submitting your application.


6.Provision of research materials

Grant applicants should state the types and quantities of samples required research materials on their application forms, as these apicultural materials (royal jelly, propolis, honey, bee larvae, bee pollen), as well as supplements, can be provided to grant recipients. Consultation on samples will follow notification of grant awards.


7.Application period

May 27, 2015 (Wednesday) ~ June 30, 2015 (Tuesday) (17:00 deadline)


8.Selection and notification

All documents will be screened. Initial screening will be conducted by field-specific reviewers selected from Yamada Research Grant’s database of grant reviewers. (Applications falling into the Continuing Research category will not undergo initial screening.) Successful applications will receive final screening by a selection committee including internal and external specialists from academia and industry. The committee will determine both recipients and grant amounts.
Applicants will be notified by e-mail approximately three months following the application deadline.
Approved research topics will also be posted on the Bee Products and Health Science website. As screening is conducted with strictest impartiality according to set criteria, inquiries concerning specific grant decisions cannot be addressed.


9. Research grant provision and usage

Grants will officially be awarded at the Yamada Bee Farm Corporation headquarters in October. Grant recipients should attend the ceremony, or appoint a delegate to attend in the case of unavoidable conflict.
Grant funds are scheduled for transferred into recipients’ accounts by the end of December 2015. However, if clinical studies are involved, fund transfer will require a copy of a signed consent form from the ethical oversight committee of the recipient’s affiliated institution or the facility where the clinical study will be conducted. The research grant usage should be as stated in the written protocol.
In principle, indirect cost percentages are up to 10% of total amount of grant funds.


10.Treatment of personal information

(1) Limitations on usage of personal information

Usage of personal information acquired by the Yamada Bee Farm Corporation will be limited to grant application, review, outcome notification, and funding. In some cases, personal information is shared as necessary with companies offering administrative assistance. Inquiries concerning protection of personal information should be addressed to the contact listed below.

(2) Limitations on disclosure of personal information

Public disclosure will be made of grant recipients’ names, affiliated institutions, and research topics.

(3) Disclosure, correction, and withdrawal of personal information

The Yamada Bee Farm Corporation will respond in a timely and appropriate manner to requests for disclosure, correction, or withdrawal of personal information after confirming such a request with the grant applicant.


11.Research report

(1) Report

One set of Final Report documents summarizing the research status as of September 30 of the year in which the stipulated research period ends should be submitted to the Yamada Bee Farm Corporation no later than October 20. The set of documents comprising the Final Report (referred to as "the Whole Set of Documents to be Submitted at Final Report") should include a project description, an expenditure report, and a summary of achievements.

(2) Research presentation

Grant recipients must make an oral or poster presentation of funded research results at an event organized by the Yamada Bee Farm Corporation. A delegate must be assigned in the event a grant recipient is unavoidably unable to participate.



(1) Submission of written agreement

Grant recipients must submit a written agreement following notification of grant acceptance. The agreement should follow the format of a sample provided by the Yamada Bee Corporation.

(2) Grant termination and request for restoration of funds

A grant may be terminated and a request for partial or full restoration of funds made in the case of: an overdue grant report, content differing significantly from that described in the grant application, reporting results preceding grant funding, noncompliance with the written grant agreement, or behavior inconsistent with the spirit of the Yamada Research Grant.

(3) Presentation of results

Grant recipients should submit details of when, how, and with whom any research results will be formally shared, including at conferences, in journal articles, during interviews, and in any other media platform, to the Yamada Bee Farm Corporation. This should be done in advance, specifically, no later than 30 days prior to submission of an abstract for a conference, and prior to submission of a journal article for consideration. If such a deadline is unavoidably missed, the grant recipient should contact the Yamada Bee Farm Corporation as soon as possible. Any presentation or sharing of results should include acknowledgement of a Yamada Research Grant. Please refer to the sample acknowledgment noted below:
This research was supported (in part) by a Yamada Research Grant.