Yamada Research Grant (Fiscal Year 2015)

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Reserch Theme

Name Institutional Affiliation Research Theme
Takahiro Adachi Tokyo Medical and Dental University Analyses of propolis-mediated activation of immune cells under physiological conditions
Yuichi Izumi Tokyo Medical and Dental University Clinical Trial of Resveratrol Administration on Chronic Periodontitis
Hideshi Ihara Osaka Prefecture University Effects of bee materials on RSS(reactive sulfur species)-metabolomics and proteomics        
Nobutaka Ohgami Nagoya University A search of a preventive compound for locomotive syndrome
Naomi Osakabe Shibaura Institute of Technology Prevention of sarcopenia by anthocyanidin in bilberry
Ikue Kusumoto Kagoshima University The role of the insular cortex in age-related decline of micronutrinent sensing
Takeo Kubo The University of Tokyo Establishment of basic technology towards gene function analysis in the honeybee brain
Takuya Sasaki The University of Tokyo Effects of Royal jelly on stress responses in the nervous system
Takuji Suzuki Yamagata University Research of the effect of honey against recovery of small intestinal functions
Masanobu Suzuki Hokkaido University Hospital Prevention of chronic sinusitis by nasal irrigation with Japanese honey.
Masayuki Tanaka Kobe University Protective effects of propolis supplementation on immobilization-induced muscle atrophy
Tsuyoshi Chiba National Institute of Health and Nutrition Questionnaire survey of recognition and usage of "Food with Function Claims"
Takanori Tsuda Chubu University Studies of brown-like adipocyte formation in white adipose tissue by propolis
Hisanori Domon Niigata University The effect of Brazilian propolis on pneumococcal pneumonia
Koji Fujida Tokyo Medical and Dental University Effect of Royal jelly on human osteoblast
Hidemi Fujino Kobe University Studies on the ameliorating effect of Brazilian propolis on fatigue in elderly Individuals
Tohru Hosoyama Yamaguchi University An Effect of Royal Jelly on Stemness Maintenance of Human Skeletal Muscle Stem Cells
Norihisa Mikami Osaka University The effects of propolis on regulatory T cells
Akira Minami University of Shizuoka Development of phytoestrogenic hormone replacement medicine with higher efficacy
on postmenopausal neuropsychiatric symptom
Yasuyoshi Miyata Nagasaki University Effects for adverse events by molecular targeted therapy of royal jerry intake in patients with renal cell carcinoma
Shingo Miyamoto National Cancer Center, Research Institute Prevention of b-catenin-related carcinogenesis by Bee Pollen through inhibition of NADPH oxidase activity
Kenichi WATANABE Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterina Preventive effect of Brazilian propolis on experimental AA amyloidosis