Yamada Research Grant (Fiscal Year 2016)

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Reserch Theme

Name Research Theme Institutional Affiliation
Noriko Akimoto  Development of in vivo and in vitro models near-infrared radiation biological activity measurement  Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences
Kaoru Inoue Effect of propolis as a glaucoma prevention food using disease model animal  Hokkaido University
Nanako Ushio The role of SAA in the development of atherosclerosis and the atheroprotective effect of proplis The University of Tokyo
Kentaro oniki The effect of resveratrol on the DsbA-L gene and adiponectin activity Kumamoto University
Yutaka Kameda Neonicotinoids and parasitic mite risk assessment on honey bee colony collapse based on their occurrence in fields Chiba Institute of Technology
Yuki Kambe Prevention of major depressive disorder by royal jelly through the preservation of healthy mitochondria Kagoshima University
Masato Koike The protective effects of propolis on oxidative stress in locomotive syndrome Juntendo Tokyo Koto Geriatric Medical Center
Takashi Takeda Efficacy of Royal jelly in women with premenstrual syndrome Kindai University
Taku Naito The protective effect of honeybee products on novel myoatrophy mouse model Toho University
Yuki Fujita The effect of royal jelly on the cognitive disorder Osaka University
Osamu Hoshi Analysis of the effects of N-Acetyl glucosamine on collagen production  Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Tomoh Matsumiya Effect of Brazilian propolis on antiviral signaling Hirosaki University
Hiroshi Miura Effectiveness of ointment including propolis extract for menopausal women to decrease genital itching Akita University
Youko Yokoyama Fundamental study for anti-aging effects of insect protein and application to dairy diet Keio University
Shuichi Sato The effect of royal jelly on satellite cell activation in aged nonhuman primate in vitro University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Simona Martinotti Aquaporin-3 and honey: a new way to hydrate skin University of Piemonte Orientale