Applicant eligibility

Can I apply from overseas? Yes. However, you must communicate in Japanese or English.
When I'm not affiliated to a university or research, or  a student, can I apply? Yes. However, the applicant must organize and conduct active research throughout the time period stipulated by the grant as the primary researcher. When you are a student, you should apply in your name and list your supervisor as a collaborator.
Are those who have received other grants or subsidies eligible to apply? Yes. However, the research topic should differ from that supported by a grant from another source.
If I was awarded a grant, can I reapply the following year? Yes. However, Continued Development Research can be apply by only researchers who reported the results of the research in the conference of Yamada Bee Grant.
I am currently applying as a collaborator; am I eligible to apply during the same year as a primary researcher with a different research topic? Yes.


the way to application

How do I apply for research grants? You can apply for a grant using the online application "Bee-Rac".
Can I view the documents submitted in the past? You can view them using the online application "Bee-RAC". However, after completing registration on Bee-RAC, it may take time for the application information to be updated.

Please let us know if you would like to see this information sooner.
How many grants will be awarded in this year? As the number varies slightly depending on application content, we do not disclose the figure. If there are many applications describing creative research topics, the number will be greater than usual.
Can I apply for more than one research at a time?  Yes. However, a separate application form is required for each topic. Moreover, applicants should note the fact that they are submitting multiple applications in the Additional Information section of each application form.
Can I resubmit an improved application for the grant that has been previously declined?  Yes. Any progress made in the research should be detailed in the new application.
What program should I apply to? I would like to a new research different from accepted application in the past. You should apply in the applicable category (which should something other than Continuing Research).
Please tell me the topics selected in the past. Kindly refer to the Yamada Research Grant website, where we list "Awarded Topics" in the "Past Research Theme" section.
What should I do if I have a vast amount of information to include in my application? Please fill out the application as much as possible. When you would like to submit more information of the resesarch, please send us the documents as an attachment.
In the Publications section, should I only report papers for which I was the corresponding author, or should I include those which I co-authored? There are no particular restrictions. You may also include co-authored papers. Please report all authors of any papers you include in your application.
Do I need  permission from the ethics committee to apply? It is not necessary at the time you apply, however, it is necessary when receiving the grant and samples after being selected. Furthermore, it may take a few months to receive samples for clinical trials because of production and packing.
Can I mail or send in my application?  Only entries using the Bee-RAC are accepted. Applications sent by e-mail or through the postal system are not eligible for consideration.
If the application form is accessed and opened from the website, will the application still be considered even if sent after the application period ends? Only applications completed by the deadline are considered. As there may be a last-minute rush immediately prior to the deadline, individuals should allow leeway in completing their applications.
I found mistakes in my application after it was submitted. How can I fix them?  It is not possible to edit the application. When you would like to edit the application, please take down the submitted application and submit a new application. 
Can I apply with a 2-year research plan? Preventative medicine research (new): please submit an application with a research plan that can be completed in 1 year.
Preventative medicine research (continuing): please draft a research plan for 1-2 years. However, after 1 year, you must submit a research report in which we will decide whether to continue the grant.
Personalized medicine research:  please draft a research plan for 1-3 years. However, you must submit a research report every year in which we will decide whether to continue the grant.
Environmental and Beekeeping research: please submit an application with a research plan that can be completed in 1 year.
Do I need to provide a reference when applying? Not necessarily.
Which documents should I attach to the application? Please attach any publications, charts, and graphs relevant to your proposed topic, along with your papers or presentations. 
When will grant recipients be announced? All applicants will be informed of the results by e-mail approximately 3 months after the application deadline. We will utilize the e-mail address on the application form, so please ensure that it is correct. Results (awarded topics, recipients' names, and affiliated institutions) will be disclosed on the grant website.
Are there established review criteria? Review criteria are listed under Application Guidelines (see the relevant link).
Are decisions based solely on submitted applications? Decisions are generally based on submitted applications. However, interviews may be conducted for grants reflecting large sums or protracted research periods.
Will I know details of selection?  You will not receive information on the details of selection.
Can you return my attached documents? Attachments cannot be returned.
What samples can be provided? Please refer to our homepage, "Provided Samples".
I would like to know the specifics of available research materials. Please refer to our homepage, "Provided Samples". It has basic information, references, and ingredient information listed.
I am not certain of which raw materials to use. At the grant awards ceremony, researchers explain available raw materials, and award recipients may consult with them before reaching a decision. Requests may be made on the application form. Each raw material is listed under Available Research Materials. As a rule, (1) we provide research materials resembling actual products and (2) in animal and in vitro experiments, we provide research materials closely resembling raw materials.
Can I use materials other than bee products? It is possible. Please look at  "Provided Samples" on our homepage for the materials we provide. 
Are all supplements acceptable for use as research materials? We accept a various supplement ingredients in order to discover new ingredients. When applying using new ingredients, please provide basic information on the ingredients so it may be used for screening.
I would like to review past research data related to bee products. The Available Research Materials page of our grant website provides information on research materials. Please also refer to the website's Past Research Results page as well as the Honeybee Reference Database at the Institute for Bee Products and Health Science website.
Will I know who reviewed my application?  Decision is made by the Yamada Bee Grant audit committee composed of menbers from academic. Please see the "Judging Committee Introduction" on our homepage for the judges who made the final decision in 2016.


Research grant

How should I calculate my required research costs? Please submit your desired grant budget by making an estimate using the expenses listed below based on your research plan in your grant application. When doing so, please list the necessary items in as much detail as possible. We will consider the content and make a final decision.
1. Research materials costs (including equipment, consumables, and laboratory animals)
2. Machine costs
3. Commissioned analysis costs
4. Personnel costs
5. Indirect costs
6. Other miscellaneous costs (including communication and conference expenses)
What procedures should I follow to receive the grant money? As a rule, we will provision grant money. However, when you can not receive grant money, we will discuss with the researcher the best way to offer aid after the selection decision. Moreover, it may take time to issue aid in forms other than grant money. 
When will the grant money be transferred? We plan to deposit the research grant money on the last day of the following month after finishing necessary procedures. However, in the case that aid is provided in other forms than grant money, it may take some time to finish the necessary procedures. In addition, for selected applicants of clinical trials, the deposit will be made on the last day of the following month after the applicant or affiliated institution contacts the Yamada Bee Company that they have passed the Ethics Committee that controls their jurisdiction. Also, costs incurred related to conference participation (including conference registration fees and travel costs) and research paper publishing costs will be provisioned after submission of authentication documents (receipts or copies of receipts, presentation summary, accepted paper in PDF or Word format) to the Yamada Bee Company after the conference.
Is it possible to transfer part of the grant money to collaborators?  As a rule, grant money is transferred to the primary researcher. However, you may consult with the grant secretariat about exceptions.
If a grant is awarded for multiple years, is it paid in its entirety the initial year? The grant may be paid annually based on your submitted plan following an informal decision. However, an interim report must be submitted, and continuation of your research will be re-evaluated.
Are there cases in which the grant money must be refunded? In the following cases,we ask to stop the grant and return the research grant money in full or partial:
1)Failing to submit a report until the deadline with no contact.
2)The research content  greatly different from the application
3)Reporting the results of research before the grant research period
4)Failing to observe the items written in the pledge
5)Doing something that does not align with the purpose of the grants.
For more details, please refer to the grant guidelines article 19.
Must any unused portion of the grant be refunded? If there is no infringement of article19 of the grant guidelines, there is no need to refund unused portions of the grant. Such monies may be used in subsequent research. 
May I submit copies of receipts for purchased materials, or are original receipts required? Copies will suffice.
May indirect expenses be claimed? Indirect expenses should be clearly stated, and may be claimed in accordance with the rules of your institution. When claiming indirect expenses, please attach the rules from your institution.
May I claim expenses for contracted experiments? Yes. Please submit a copy of invoices, bank transfer notifications, and a report of the contracted experiment(s) with your final report.
Can I apply for my research paper publication costs and conference participation costs? Yes. Further, we will disperse this money separately from research expenses. Thus, you do not need to apply for this on the time of application. For more details, please refer to article 10 of the grant guidelines.
Can I apply for research paper publication costs and conference participation costs for research that is unrelated to the grant topic during the period when selected? You can apply for only your application grant topics. In addition, paper publication costs and conference participation costs will be dispersed  after the paper is published/the conference ends. 
If I join an academic organization, can I claim the annual membership fee as an expense? Conference registration fees can not be claimed.For more details, please refer to article 10 of the grant guidelines.
Can I include equipment-related expenses in my application? Yes, it falls under the "machine costs" category. Please report these expenses in your final report. 
Can I purchase items not mentioned on my application? Provisioned grant money is limited to expenses necessary for the selected research. However, when there is a change in the research plan, one must submit an application for a research plan change and receive an approval. 
Can I include personnel-related expenses as research expenses? Personnel expenses for individuals other than the primary researcher may be included. These are limited to 5,000 yen x 1,500 hours/person. Please refer to the relevant the grant guidelines appendix for details.
Is it necessary to withhold taxes for personnel-related expenses? Yes. This should be done by the primary researcher or by his/her affiliated institution. The primary researcher is subject to tax withholding once grant funds have been transferred to his/her account or that of the affiliated institution.
It states that grant is "provisioned by the end of December 2017", but what should be done about expenses incurred prior to this date? Orders, deliveries, and payments during the research period (starting October 2017) are appropriated.  Please pay for the costs incurred before the actual grant provision using other research expenses, etc. 


Following selection of grant recipients

What is the flow of events between award announcements and grant money transfer? 1. Following informal notification, the selected applicant will revise the research plan in accordance with the conditions offered and submit the pledge and grant provision application including the research plan.

2. Once officials approve the above documents, the formal grant notification will be sent to the recipient's affiliated institution if necessary.

3. Once the institution sends the relevant bank information or invoice, paperwork will be processed and the grant transfer will be made. The grant money will be issued by the end of December 2017 into the prescribed bank account of the selected applicant. When clinical trials are involved, for the procedures starting at #2, the selected applicant must first pass the Ethics Committee at their affiliated institution or testing facility of their jurisdiction. After this is finished, the grant will be provisioned at the end of the following month.
Are formal progress reports required? It will be held after submission of the final reports. Selected applicants will give an oral or poster presentation. We plan for it to be held between December of the research period year and March of the following year.
What is the format for research reports? After the research period ends, we will have selected applicants submit a written final report. Also, we will have those selected for multiple years report their progress. In addition, we will also have selected applicants report their results at the conference of the Yamada Bee Grant. When we ask for a selected applicant to submit a separate report, the deadline for the report will be decided after discussion with said applicant.
Where are the awards ceremony and the cunference of the Yamada Research Grant held? The awards ceremony is held at the headquarters of the Yamada Bee Company (194 Ichiba, Kagamino-cho, Tomata-gun, Okayama 708-0393, Japan). The cunference of the Yamada Research Grant are usually held in Okayama City, but this year's location has yet to be determined.
Should transportation costs to the awards ceremony and the conference of the Yamada Bee Grant? We will cover the recipient's travel expenses to the awards ceremony, and the speaker's expenses to the cunference of the Yamada Research Grant 
Are there any academic presentations prior to the cunference of the Yamada Research Grant?   The recipient can present research results at events other than the cunference, as long as the secretariat is informed in advance. Planned conference presentations should be reported 30 days in advance if possible, and the secretariat should be informed in advance of journal submissions. In addition, when giving an academic presentation, please make sure to note that you are receiving the Yamada Research Grant. When giving a paper presentation, please make sure to note the clinical trials sample specifications.Academic presentations should always acknowledge receipt of a Yamada Research Grant. Please refer to article 13 of the Guidelines: Additional Information  (3) Reporting Research Results.
Is attendance required at the awards ceremony and the cunference of the Yamada Research Grant? Yes, grant recipients must attend the awards ceremony which follows informal notification of grant decisions, as well as the cunference of the Yamada Research Grant which follows submission of the final written report. If absence from these events is unavoidable, the individual should state the reason and a delegate should attend. Attendance at the awards ceremony is voluntary from the second year onward for recipients of Continuing Research awards, but the cunference must be attended each year.
It may be difficult for overseas-based recipients to travel to Japan. Is it acceptable for such recipients to submit a final report and not attend the cunference of the Yamada Research Grant? We generally ask for a delegate to attend and make the seminar presentation. The secretariat should be consulted concerning this matter.
Is approval from the Ethics Committee of a collaborator's affiliated institution acceptable, or does such approval need to come from the primary researcher's institution? Yes, as long as the affiliated institution's ethics committee approves.
When my research is unavoidably delayed, may I ask for an extension? If there is a warranted reason for the delay, a written request for an extension may be submitted and a decision will be reached by grant officials. (For details, please refer to article 14 of the grant guidlines.)
When my research must unavoidably be suspended or abandoned for childbirth, childcare, or a related issue, what will happen? In such a case, must I refund the grant money? If the research must be abandoned during the research period, formal written notice must be submitted. For details, please consult the grant guidelines. It may be possible to change the primary researcher or a collaborator, or to change the content of the research plan. For details, please consult the grant secretariat. If article 18 of the grant guidelines is applicable, part or all of the grant may need to be refunded.